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Family Chronicle   Running in Düsseldorf

Questions of a reading worker

Down by the riverside
Chapter 1: How it all began

1717: Adam Reble born in Eutingen /Baden
1763: Adam Reble and other families turn their backs on their home and emigrate to the North in order to build up a new existence.

  Brave new media-world
Chapter 2: The new homelands

1764: The colonists start on waste land in Schleswig-Holstein, let from the state, subject to the condition to cultivate it.

  Guided City Excursions

Historical Tour Düsseldorf
Chapter 3: The further development

1844: Colonists become farmers.
1909: A few emigrate to North America.
1930: End of agriculture during the general economic crisis

Chapter 5: Reconstruction from ruins

1946: Reorganisation in Kiel
1958: Now the "Wirtschaftswunder" comes
1968: No higher nature will save us
2020: What will be, when we will not be any longer?

Appendix: 2013: On the oxroad